The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood.

It is 168 years after the “World of Tharyg” campaign, 75 years after “The Breaking”. The environment has radiacally changed. The teleportation circles are all down, they were connected somehow to the events concerning “The Breaking”. Queen Verinnia holds the Sionilli Crown as a direct decendant to King Ven, she upholds the values of honor and justice. The Vitaen brotherhood, who started out as a mercanary company around 170 years ago; is now the primary dispensors of justice and law throughout the former Sionilli Peninsula. The respect the populace engenders to the Brotherhood is hard earned. The Guardians rank of the brotherhood travel throught Sionillica righting wrongs, acting as judge advocates and help clearing the land from invasions of goblins and demons. The Shadowfell lands have begun sending forays into the area in an attempt to gain dominance.

It is up to the newest graduates to the Guardian rank to live up to these expectations.

Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

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