Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

Mortem Principis - "Death of a Prince"

The party at Lady Ethylia’s manor were provided company by the Lady herself who informed the party of her dealings in the construct of many of the world’s most powerful magical artifacts and is believed to be the constructor of Lucian’s Bahamut’s Bite. She even provided the party with a set of master rings. Sadly their visit was cut short by a notice that was received by Estarria and Malory from Lucian. Shortly there after an elderly man by the name of Gatherwood (who later revealed himself as Lucian in disguised) arrived to collect the party.

After passing through a portal provided by the old man, the party found itself brought to a cave. They were lead inside the cave that Lucian had ordered excavated in the attempt to ascertain the location of Aramis Dumas. Lucian hired a team that went in and excavated the site on a theory that he and Malory had thought of, which revealed the teleportation ring that Aramis used 76 years ago and went missing. The power of the ring had been shifted during the Shattering and the portal has since linked itself to the Shadowfell. The portal being chaotic and unsure if the return trip would be possible, Lucian himself joins the party to provide passage back if the portal to the Shadowfell collapsed behind them.

The portal was nearly unsuccessful if not for the new revelation of Immeral’s heritage. During the portal ritual he inadvertently acted as the anchor for the spell and his connection provided the necessary power to open the portal. With the Ring of Brotherhood to guide it to a location the portal opened for the party to pass through, but it was very unstable and possibly dangerous. With a a friend in need and the strain of keeping the portal open, Lucian ordered the party through where they were violently subjected to the chaos of the portal before being thrown out the other side force-ably. The portal, so taxing on the party, drained them of health and ability (for the exception of Immeral who passed through relatively unharmed).

On the other side of the portal Lucian made use of the Ring of Brotherhood, which upon activating it triggered an intense feedback of pain that Aramis was apparently being subjected to by the hands of his possible captors. Before having to deactivate the ring, to keep from being hindered, Lucian did find a direction to which Aramis could be located. The direction they followed led them to a tower of obsidian stone and glowing red runes. Before entering the tower the party was able to get a mild understanding of the purpose of the runes on the tower. It seems the runes were crafted on this tower to keep a powerful being from resurrecting.

Inside the tower the party was attacked by groups of undead and ghosts that lingered in the tower for countless years. Moozg using a ritual to see into the location found that long ago a spirit attacked the defenders of the tower, goliaths and shadar’kai alike. As the party made its way to the second floor of the tower, the party found an armory containing unique weapons and a chest of even greater uniqueness. On the chest was a sigil that bore the same symbol that Estarria bears as a birthmark and Lucian recognized the same symbol as the one he gave to Lerrisa’s descendants. The chest would only open at her touch and when she did her mind was flooded with memories of Aramis and Lerrisa fighting together in battles. The chest contained Aramis’s gear which the party unanimously gave to Malory. Estarria wished to keep the chest which allowed her to tap into the memories contained in it’s lock. Tiltus agreed to keep in his handy haversack for her.

The party made it’s way to the third floor where, a vast maze of arcane symbols were engraved into the tiles of the entire floor. The puzzles seemed to provide only a minor delay for the party as Moozg cleverly constructed a way to create a portal from the entrance to the exit without having to deal with the puzzle’s trap. Once through the the party made its way to the top of the tower, where an unsettling image awaited.

In the center of the tower at it’s apex, lie the skeleton of a small humanoid. The identity of the skeleton was the confirmed by the Ring of Brotherhood and the Wedding Band that the skeleton wore. The skeleton belonged to that of Aramis Dumas. The party attempted to find ways to disable the magic that appeared to culminate on the peak of the tower. After a bit Estarria fed up with waiting decided to approach the skeleton and examine the arcane shackles that bound the skeleton to the ground. At her approach an arcane circle appeared in the stone and formed a field of energy that prevented any from approaching the bones. At the activation of the ring a spectre appeared before the party, but not before it informed them that it took many years to find a way to shackle the being into place and it fed many many years on the “Prince of Darkness.”

After a well fought fight against the spectre the party managed to defeat it and with it’s defeat the field of energy around the bones was destroyed and the party could access the skeleton. Lucian performed a destroy enchantment ritual upon the shackles to no effect. A memory bound to the wedding ring called out to Neera and upon touching the ring Neera’s mind was flooded with memories of her father and a unique sword technique that could destroy the shackles. Performing the technique aided by her skills as an avenger, destroyed the shackles and the runes that bound the skeleton.

Checking his Ring of Brotherhood once more, Lucian found that the pain that he continued to receive wasn’t coming from the skeleton but from the Ring of Brotherhood itself. Sadly as he reached down to touch the skeleton to remove the ring, the skeleton turned to dust before them and was sent a drift by the winds of the Shadowfell. They weren’t given much time to breath as the tower began to crumble before their feet. Through various forms of transportation the party exited the tower via the top.

The party took a small breather to relax from their ordeals. Before they could speak of a return trip, Lucian was struck by such an intense pain through the Ring of Brotherhood he collapsed where he stood among the party.

…to be continued.

Destruction on the Delta
It is early pre-dawn as Estarria, Shirokon-Ti, and Sakura return from Von’Dahls grotto and find Lord Lucien breaking his fast after a long night’s ritual casting. They learn Immeral is meditating in the Temple dedicated to Correllion; he is not alone, a Fire Sprite, by the name of Soot also mediates in this temple this morning.

Shirokon-Ti is happy to see the baby dragon, Arivale, in good spirits as his playful mood is infectious. The calm atmosphere is shattered by the vibrations of Shiroks’ crystex. He checks his mail and exclaims in a panic and darts towards the door. Arivale launches in Shiroks path and stops him. The dragon bumps his forehead against the Githyanki and Shirok is immediately in a trance state.

The familiar gate energies of Sitara manifest with her head poking in the room and she notifies those present that Shirokon-Ti’s mother, the shipping captain Yara Duot has been attacked and captured in the Frigon Sea, off the coast of the Amberlyn Delta. Shiroks father, the pirate captain Kiron-Ti and his brother the pirate Morok-Ti have attempted a rescue, but It appears as if they have also been taken. Sitara tells Shirok to relax and that “the team will help, and how would you get all the way out to sea by yourself, it’s not like you are THAT fast nor can you walk on water”

Estarria runs off to gather her teammates and awaken those still asleep. Sitara sets up a gate to the most recognizable location that Shirokon-Ti can think of. They gate to his former ship,”The Lionfish”, in the captain’s cabin. They soon discover that the ship is sinking and currently a raging inferno. To the East of their sinking ship is the “HMS Empires Bounty” Captain Yara’s ship, There are the sounds of battle on its eastward decks; the wreckage of another pirate ship is also stranded next to the Bounty on the Coral reef. A panicky Shirok lowers a dinging into the sea as the team gathers to set sail to the Bounty to offer aide and destroy some Umbrari.

Boarding the Western side of the ship, thereby avoiding the notice of the combatants on board, the Guardians find themselves amid chaos. Water weavers are all over the ship and there are three groups of captives in three different areas of the ship and the wreckage against the ship. It is soon discovered how vile the Umbrari are as the Water Archons who appear to be the jailers start slaughtering their captives resulting in a number of deaths for the sailors. Mallory quick uses the protein silk shooters to launch herself up to the first mast above her so that she can have height advantage in the ensuing firefight.
The rest of the team disburses to both the forward and the aft sections of the ship to protect the remaining captives. Moozg becomes aware of another Archon arriving next to the captives on the wrecked ship. This Archon dons the robes and masks of a Matron. He immediate starts to displace her so that she cannot slaughter Captain Yara and her shipmates.

Every time it appears as if the team has dispensed the Weavers and the Archons, they return. The familiarity of the attacks causes the team to realize they need to look for a boulder like the one from the farm. The tridents left behind by the Archons have small stones similar to the axe that was used to destroy that boulder. Shirok tries to break free from battle on the Aft side of the ship, where is brother is being held captive; simultaneously Tiltus attempts to break free from combat too. Mallory is eventually forced to leave her perch and drops through the cargo net to below deck, there she find barrels of crude oil and inflammatory sundries; she decides to rig it to explode. Shirok enters his mother’s cabin to find a rat-like little girl with her hand on a black stone the size of his head. Her response to his presence is to say “ I am he cabin-girl, you can’t be in the captains quarters.” Shirok replies with “My mother doesn’t have a cabin-girl!” and stabs the girl and stone with a stolen trident. The girl shrieks as the stone and trident implode. The water weavers stop appearing. The team focuses on taking out the Archons and Matron Deluge.

Morok-Ti and a fellow pirate jump overboard to escape the impending explosion. Sitara tells everyone through their communication stones to get to a flat, stable area. The deck of the wrecked “Fools Bribe” Captain Kiron-Ti refuses to evacuate, trying to make sure the entire team and remaining crew get off first. Sitara opens a gate from the deck of the “Bribe” everyone escapes through it, Immeral’s last sight as he steps through, is Kiron-Ti diving off the Forward deck as the ship explodes spectacularly.

The team lands on the docks in the resort town of Amberlyn, on the horizon one can see the explosion and the Masts of the burning pirates’ ship. Captain Yara is grateful and gives the group a bag of holding that is the treasure from her missing husbands’ ship. Her eldest son is angered by this and blames Shirok for not forcing their father to flee. Shirok blocks an attack as Morok-Ti is startled to feel the barely contained strength in his little brother’s hands; and feels the steely glare of Shiroks’ anger burn in to him.

The exhausted team is met on the docks by an obvious city guard, who explains that Matron Deluge had just been in town and was visiting a strange collection of women who appear to be dark and dangerous; since a number of people haves disappeared since their arrival. The team agrees to check them out. The guard suggests they go to Lady Ethylia’s Manor, as its yard backs up against the yard of the house the women have taken over. He also implies Lady Ethylia may be able to help them in other matters too……..

Noctum Umbrari Emergent

We last left our team in the Sluice room of the sewer works in Harvest Keeps’ Manor house. Luckily it is apparent that the room had been “sluiced” recently, so the stench was minimal. At the top of the stairs of a landing with an oaken door, the team hears two voices. “I tell you Anan, I am about to tell “His Majesty” where he can dump his privy pot, no lie that!” At that point the door opens and a surprised half-elf female almost dumps a privy pot directly on Shirokon-Ti.
“Oi! What are you lot doing here?” She exclaims. She tells “Anan” get the guard, to which “Anan,” does not respond. Estarria tells her that they are a repair crew and need to speak with the Chancellor of the keep. To which the chambermaid tells them that the true Chancellor is in the “cells.” The “new” Chancellor, Barak, is a mighty shifty fellow and he is in the Grand Hall. “It’s not safe to approach the Hall directly because, them that follow “his Majesty” are a shady and violent lot.” Immeral asks her what about the guard she just called. The chambermaid replies, “Who, Anan? Hers’ deef(spoken like it is spelled) as a post, Aint no guard called for the likes of us.”
Mallory and Neera decide to stay back and guard against attackers following up the pipe system.
The chambermaid informs the group that her name Amell. Amell leads them through the servants’ passageway and along the way Shirok fills casks with oil from the drums that align the walls behind the Grand Halls oil lamps. As they approach the great stained glass windows that look in to the Hall, Tiltus and Moozg become aware of a Drow performing a ritual in the center of the Hall. Inscribed on the floor are arcane patterns venerating Lolth, Tiamat, and Zehir. Tiltus leaps over a banister and plummets in to the Hall; his intention is to distract the Drow from completing his ritual. He was spectacularly successful.
Immeral followed suit to provide back up, as they realize the Drow, Barak, is not truly alone. Draped indolently across the Chancellors seat is a very large female Drow who rises and dons ceremonial robes and a ceremony mask with a symbol dedicated to Lolth. She calls forth her sisters, two more large females draped in ceremony robes. Their masks reflect the deities Tiamat, in Red and Zehir in Green. The Drow, Matron Putrescence engages Tiltus in a powerful struggle. The Zehir advocate, Matron Medusa, also joins Putrescence in jointly attacking an unfaltering Tiltus. Moozg and Estarria stand on the balcony and fire in to the evil crowd; Shirok joins the fray from the other direction, trying to cut off any reinforcements that keep arriving.
Hoards of Kobalds continue arriving from within the keep, deflecting the team from aiding Tiltus and Immeral. Through their communication stones they can hear Mallory and Neera engaging in a battle as well. The three Matrons are successful in summoning Avatars of their chosen gods. Putrescence relies solely on her son, Barak; while Matron Slaad calls forth a young black dragon and Matron Medusa invokes a giant serpent- The Coil of Zehir.
The Pixie healer, Ariana, got a strenuous workout dispensing healing potions and clerical magic trying to keep our heroes alive and fighting. Tiltus, once again, prevented many attackers from focusing on anything but himself. He displayed to the team, repeatedly, his value during a fire fight. Estarria scorched off Barak’s leg, and inadvertently killed the one the team had decided to capture; regardless, the team chose Matron Putrescence as a more appropriate hostage. Over the communication stone, what could only be described as a deluge of water roars in the parties ears. Then they hear the curses of Neera, joined by the giggles of Mallory.
Immeral and Shirok kept the Matrons Slaad and Medusa busy. Moozg and Estarria fought from the height of the balcony, using it to their advantage. They fought off the Dragon from above, while Immeral attacked it from below. Shirok tried to attack in coordination with Tiltus and eventually all the foes were destroyed with the exception of Matron Putrescence. Estarria, in true Blackfire fashion, intimidated the Matron to learn of their organization and goals.
It comes out that the head person of the “Nocturem Umbrari,” one Matron Sanguia Noir, claims to be the “true heir of Inok.” The next incursion is planned to occur in the Amberlyn River Delta off of the Friggon Sea.
Moozg used transformative magic to appear as Barak and infiltrated the dungeons. With Tiltus’ help he wiped out any surviving gaurds and freed the Chancellor and his Secretary, “Illeonus”, a half elf.
It also becomes apparent that the Matrons had booby-trapped all of the grain stores in the city of Harvest Keep. (It is the storage place for the entire Peninsula’s grain harvest.) There are acid bombs about to go off in four different directions, each bomb buried in the grain silos. Lord Lucien arrives as does a drenched Neera and slightly bemused Mallory. Lucien uses his ritual abilities to open gates directly to each bomb.
A combination of Tiltus’ mage hand, Shiroks’ telekinesis and Estarria’s physical prowess, all four bombs were retrieved. In an act of defiance towards Estarria, Matron Petruscence sent up the prayerto Lolth; “Lolth take me now!” An Abysmal gate opens under the Matron, as the gate closes the team hurls the acid bombs in.
Fires that had raged throughout the Great Hall had burnt out and removed all of the spider webs covering the back of the Hall. It is not until later that Lucien discovers that webs had woven a protective spell preventing teleportation in our out of a specific radius. (The city walls in this instance.)
Lucien informs the team that Oeya and the Queen are headed to Spirekeep and offers the team rejuvenation and guest rights at the Keep. They all agree the aged human who was The Chancellor of Harvest Keep and a member of the council of Aeroven, had outlived his usefulness; Lucien offered the overwrought man retirement at his Keep. Illeonus is installed as the new Chancellor. Lucien vows to help the council of Aeroven repopulate itself with worthwhile members.
As the team prepares to leave they are met with an exuberant Arivale who presented Shirok with a large masticated spider’s leg. Shirok volunteered to accompany Estarria and the Albino Teifling Sakura, to the feywild. They leave to visit Von’Dal in her “Grotto.”

Enter the Dead Harvest zone

Entering the Dead Harvest zone

The team leaves Brochts Silo and heads west on Harvest Road. Pleasant and calm weather hold out; Shirok continues to cradle and “coo” to his dragon egg. The egg makes more and more noise each day. The groups’ crystex tablets all go off all at once, shattering the serenity of the quiet road. This brings up the idea of getting a silent mode for their crystexes. Oyea sends the message “Diversion approved” and all of the crystex tablets shut off.

At this time, the Lady Forsythia Dahlia arrives with Luella a Winterkin Eladrin and they ask the group to join them at Spirekeep, as the Lord Lucien would like a word or two with them. They are assured that they will still reach their destination at the proper time. Guards exit the gate and gather up their mounts.

Upon arrival to Spirekeep, they are greeted by Arch-Mage, Lord Lucien of Spirekeep and to the sounds of alarm bells blaring across the city. Lucien informs them that they are currently dealing with 3 shadowfell incursions and if they are willing, he will send them out to one. The pixie-mage Vineleaf Sundapple takes the team to a farm where Spirekeeps’ forces have been severely taxed with its defense. Gating amidst a Burning barn, the team quickly join the ruckus and fight the undead. The farm is over- run by skeletal creatures, including two Minotaur skeletons. There are also swarms of shadow bats that sweep in and attack.

The team discovers that the skeletons keep arriving every time one of the villains touches a black rock by the farm house. Neera realizes that the Skeletal Minotaur’s ax has a similar stone attached to it and that it probably is the key to destroying the rock. However; because she is used to relying only on herself, Neera neglects to inform the team of her findings and is blocked from approaching the rock by the powers of Estaria and Moozg. In the meantime Mallory, Shirokon-Ti, Tiltus, and Immeral make quick work of the skeletons and bats at the farm. Neera is eventually able to approach the stone, cracks the ax against it and shatters it to dust.

Shirok telekinetically rescues the injured Spirekeep Tiefling from the barn after the battle is done. The team searches the area and confirms it’s cleansed of the shadowfell. Vineleaf returns to take them back to the keep.

Lucien engages the troupe by having one-on-one conferences with them. Moozg gets a surprise conversation. Estaria receives her legacy items left to her from Lerissa. Mallory receives confirmations of suspictions. Neera receives unwelcomed warnings. Shirok receives dissolution from his pirate holdings. Immeral hears disquieting rumors and questions Lucien in personal matters. Titus gains a prototype familiar in a Spitfire Dragonling named “Skorch.”

During all of these conferences, the team is entertained by the conversations with the Lady Lavinia, Grand Duchess of Terrylhaven. The waiting room is shocked when Lavinia slams her cane on the table and addresses a very shocked Von’Dahl. “Vondalia Dariah Basalina!! You know you are not allowed here without my grandson’s specific invitation!”

“How, how did you know my…”

“I didn’t, thank you for the confirmation. Now begone!”

Von’Dahl reluctantly leaves Estaria’s side and fades away. Lavinia then regales the group with a tale her grandmother had heard when SHE was a child.

“The powerful family of Basalina were known to be ruthless and cunning. They controlled trade and most of the political atmosphere in the ‘feywild’s Summer Court.’ Vondalia Dariah was the youngest daughter of the Familial Matriarch, Evichian Dahlariah; the only family member who was more despicable was Evichs’ twin brother Inokorus. It was rumored, very quietly, that the twins were secretly lovers. Vondalia had an extremely unBasalina-like demeanor. She was quiet, sweet, outgoing, and friendly. Vondalia loved children and became a favorite of the court when it came to watching the courtiers’ children.

Vondalia’s main goal in life was to have as many children as possible and give homes and a family to those who don’t. That was all disrupted when Vondalia broke her familys’ code of silence and informed the Summer Queen of Evichian and Inokorus’ designs in assassinating the Queen. Inokorus fled and was not seen from again. Evichian was executed by the royal guards. The rest of the family perished in a battle with the royal spell-slingers. The familial coffers and estates were seized by the crown and distributed among the loyal courtiers. Before Inokorus left, he and Evichian cursed Vondalia with eternal life, eternal youth (staying at the age of 8, unable to have children.) and a monstrous visage; thereby preventing those which she loved the most to endure her presence.

Vondalia disappeared and was not seen from again."

Sitara, whose head was manifested into the dining hall, listened and made notes to discuss with Lucien all that Lavinia had related. Then she noticed something in Shirokon-Ti’s lap that kept making noise. Sitara angrily advances on Shirok, demanding to know where he got the egg and why. A stuttering Shirok explains it was given to him by his father and it was found somewhere along the Broken shore of the peninsula. She huffs a blast of flame and smoke over the egg.

When the air clears the shell of the egg is no longer mud colored, but a beautiful crystal-like metalic red. Shirok holds the egg up and realizes he can see through it like ruby colored window. At this point the egg shakes and cracks. Sitara starts licking the top of the egg fervently. Eventually a tiny, very raw looking, dragon emerges. Sitara says he says that his name is Arivale. Shirok is extremely enamored with him.

Sitara pulls Shirok aside and informs him that the baby dragon needs to stay with him. Ari is under Sitara’s protection, so Shirok need not worry about leaving him during battle. Ari needs the team to learn to be a social creature and not a despotic loner as some dragons turn out to be.

The baby dragon, Ari, rambunctously engages in warfare with an orange and decimates a stand supporting an obviously valuable bowl holding crystaline pears as Neera softly plays her Zither.

Lucien offers the team the hospitality of staying at the keep overnight and gives them options to shop in Spirekeeps’ vast market. Lucien then insures that Estaria has a special coin on her person, which will allow for a gate to be opened to her by Lucien at any time. He sends the team off to where his guards have lead the riding lizards. They arrive where the team would have ended up without the diversion. As they exit the gate; Tiltus and Moozg are the first out.

The men at the stable doors mistake Tiltus for a “kobold King” and the village of Huskers Gate react in blind panic. It is finally determined after calming a young man that the village has a “disgusting Kobold” held prisoner and they have been wary of a counter attack. Their plans included executing the kobold in the morning. The team learns, after the kobold indicates that he too is a member of the brotherhood, that the kobolds’ name is Schkeeve. Scheeve is a monk/Psion who helped in Shiroks training.

Scheeves’ Sun Hawk mentor Kyarin is the missing Sun Hawk the Team was sent to find. After a brief and one sided debate with the villagers of Huskers Gate; the team commandeers Scheeve and have him lead them to where Kyarin had fallen in the avalanche. There they find a severely injured and weakened Sun Hawk. They have Ariana heal him as much as she can in the field. They transport Kyarin and Schkeeve back to Huskers Gate to investigate the state of panic the villagers are in.

It is determined that the panic set in after Harvest Keep barred the Huskers Gate from the keeps side. The team inquires, through the portcullis, why the gate is closed and barred to the villagers. The guard, a large human female informs them that the Chancellor Barak has sealed the town and Vitaen guardians are not allowed to enter. Mallory tries to escalate the issue to the guards superior. The guard leaves. After an hour or so, Mallory inquires a female Minotaur where had the previous guard gone. The Minotaur said “On break” and wants to know what Mal wants.

Again Mal goes through all the hoops to get someone in charge to answer her questions. The Minotaur leaves and a very, very elderly dragonborn female arrives. She gives a snarky answer to why the Vitaen brotherhood is outlawed by Chancellor Barak. As she turns to go, Tiltus picks up a rock and loads his sling, Mal cautions him to respect his elders. Tilt’s reply is “She won’t be one in a minute.” Mal instead pulls out Aramis’ portal gun and fires it at the gate. A receiving gate opens on the other side of the porticullis.

The team enters the portal and is scattered in another destination. It is determined by the date on the crystex that Mallory’s part of the team (including Tiltus and Moozg) was scattered a week in the past. Shirok and Estaria are on a mountain 2 days in the past. Neera lands in a forest in her present time. Mallory sends a message to the team telling them briefly of what happened and to tell her not to use the portal gun at Huskers Gate.

Because of the nature of time travel, everyone receives the cautionary notice before Mal pulls the trigger and therefore they do not enter the gate. Shirok starts looking around and notices drag marks coming from the wall of the town. He finds a smuggler entrance; goes through the wall and says “Hi” to the team from the other side. After telling Ari to remain with the mounts the team sneaks in to the city of Harvest Keep.

The team is met by a female Goliath and cautioned to get indoors because it is after curfew. The bluff their way past her and start their way up the concentric streets to the Chancellors Mansion. They are interrupted by a child in a cheese shop waving them inside. The child recognizes them as Vitaen Guardians even though they have stowed any symbolism of the brotherhood. She informs them of her desire to join up someday.

Moozg and Mallory ask questions about this new Chancellor Barak. The child tells of him instigating the curfew and that he is “poopy”. He is “poopy” colored the team soon learns with hair white as snow. Tiltus chimes in with a desire for a way up to the palace that takes them off of the streets. The child offers them access to the “tunnels.”

The tunnels it turns out is the sewer system. They enter an access tunnel and climb up thousands of feet. Mallory uses Aramis’ protein silk shooters to block up the tunnel behind them. The team hears voices behind them trying to get access to the tunnel. “Tell master there may be intruders.” Simultaneously, they hear pipes starting to moan and shake as an offshoot tunnel dumps sewage under them and down the tunnel. They hear their followers curse and they are deluged. Then they hear an altercation…. “Help me!!-Get it off of me”

The team hurries their way up the utility ladder even faster. They exit into a utility room and can hear chambermaids on the other side of a large Oak door……to be continued.

The Zombie Initiative

The Guardians have left Green Square and ride their lizards west-ward toward Harvest Keep. They receive a message, from Oeya, that informs them that they are meeting a new party member along the way, an investigator named Neera; it is not commonly know that she is Fen’Roths’ daughter. Neera is escorted by the Revenant Drow Vampire, Raziel. She meets up with the team in the farming village of “Brlochts Silo.” Raziel discharges his courier duties by leaving Neera with the group and delivering a letter from her father as well as her ally symbol for the Vitaen Brotherhood.

They are informed by Brlochtlaucht peddler Ms. Won that there are rumors of zombie sightings on the South West road. The newly expanded team headed out to investigate these sightings. They, of course, run in to a hoard of zombies and a Drow necromancer. They engage in a lengthy and tough battle, with Estarria severely injuring the Drow by removing toes and fingers from his right side. Both Tiiltus and Shirokon-TI sustain serious injuries, and Immeral receives a rough beating as well. The battle concludes as Mallory delivers a kill-shot by getting an arrow into the Drows heart; the hoard of zombies then collapse as the Drow is destroyed.

Immeral has sent images, taken with his Crystix tablet, of a 5 headed-dragon tattoo on the Drows’ left hand back to Oeya. He also sent an image of the symbol, similar to Vitaen symbol, that the Drow was wearing back to Oeya. The symbol is of a V with its’ “wings” inverted so it appears as if they are horns. The eight pointed star is underneath the “V” instead of within its’ open “wings.” The symbol itself issues a foreboding presence and is distasteful to touch.

The team returns back to “Brlochts Silo” and uses their rights as Vitaen Guardians to procure lodging and a private dining room at Ms. Won’s Comfy Stay Inn and Tavern. It is there that Shirok reveals the “gift” he received from his father at graduation is actually a warming silk-wrapped dragons egg. The egg has been making noises and occasionally shakes too. The egg shell is black with brown mud-colored swirls patterned on it.

Graduation Day

The newest Vitaen Guardians have graduated at the Vitaen Temple in Ogacihc. Shirokon-Ti Duot, Tiltus (Tilt) Argash, Immeral Frostfall, and Estarria Blackfire are among the 98 who have gratuated this year. The ceremony is attended by Queen Verinia “the bold” and her faithfull friend Malory “Mal” Harkness. After the ceremony, the quartermaster general, Content Not Found: Oeya_ gave out the assignments for the new Guardians. Of all of the traditional assignments; 4-5 Guardians assigned to a “Sentilel of light”; these four were assigned an experimental assignment. Four equals to work collaboratively along with a royal liaison and a “walking encyclopedia” known as Moozg, a newly activated pre-Spire-Fall relic: a warforged Psion, created by the legendary _Content Not Found: Nyx of Aerospire.
p. The after parties of the graduates we celebrated with the Lady Delphenium, Lady Forsythia Dalia and the parents of Shirokon-Ti, whose father was in disguise. Lady Forysythia Dalia gave her old friend Immeral a golden gift box. The contents and sender were quietly and secrectly noted by Immeral. Arok-Ti, Shiroks’ father secretly(from his wife, especially) a red silk wrapped bundle which Shirok quickly deposited into his newly aquired Handy Haversack. It is soon discover Shirok certainly enjoys his ale, drinking with gusto.
p. The next day the team left Ogacihc on the Harvest road on their newly aquired riding lizards, heading for potential trouble in Harvest Keep. Along the way they stop at mid morning as they are hailed by two farmers’ in midst of a great argument. Farmer Bills’ prized bull had broken in to farmer John’s pasture and impregnated 3 of his cows. During investigative questioning it is discovered that farmer John had wanted to have his cow serviced without paying a stud fee. Farmer Bill was charging an outrageous amount for his Bulls stud service. Moozg spoke telepathicly and soothingly to the children who had gathered to see the commotion. He discovered that the broken and delapidated fence between royal lands and Farmer Johns pasture had been neglected for ages and that Farmer Bill had let his bull graze that land unattended for just as long. The team decided that both farmers were guilty of fraudulent behavior. The punishment was decreed as follows. Each farmer would gain the offspring of one of the cows, while the crown would receive the third. Both farmers were also charged and additional tax to the crown for thier unlawful and negligent behavior. They both were also charged to repair the entire fence structure. Farmer Bill was warned that if he contiued to let his bull graze the royal lands, it also would become royal property.
p. The Guardians continued on their way to a small farming hamlet called Greensquare. They are met by Inn keeper Morda, who informs the Guardians that their stay at Inns with the Guardian symbol displayed is paid for by the crown. She then informs them that there has been invasions of wererats on Thursday nights for the past two months. Today happens to be Thursday. (funny, that) The team follows tracks that lead to a neighboring farm. The tracks end at the rear of a newly constructed barn. There are cow remains behind the barn as well. Malory, finding this an aborhent farming practice notices it immediately. The team starts its investigation of the farm and are met by a 12 year old boy named “Junior”. Junior informs them that his “Ma” is in the cellar and “Pa” is out in the fields. Estarria starts a search inside of the barn while Junior disappears. “Ma” shows up demanding the Guardians leave her property. Tiltus holds an aggressive stance towards her, much to Malory’s delight. The team then see’s junior return from the Sorgum feilds with “Pa” behind him, armed with a bow and hunting arrows. With his weapon drawn, he threatens the Guardians; which illicts Malory to draw on her own magic bow; “Pa” backs down. “Ma” and “Pa” are informed that an investigation is going to occur, no matter their protestations. Both parents are restrained as the team searches for arcane magic along the barns perimeter. They discover remnants of shadow magic as “Junior” returns with his cousin “Jessie”. They start chanting in Abysmal and “Jessie” transforms into a very pregnant wererat. The walls of the barn become portals and the interior of the barn is now overrun with wererats. "Jessie starts dropping ratlings and “Junior” mounts her to make more. The team quickly take out the swarming wererats and destroy “Junior” and “Jessie”.
p. “Ma” and “Pa” were in trance-like states during the incursion. “Ma” was horribly distraught over “Juniors’” death. She is now holding a major grudge against Guardians. It was discovered that “Jessie” was the instigator, using sex to control “Junior” and bringing forth the wererats from the Shadowfell realm. The team must be ever vigilant against other shadowfell incursions.

Vitaen Brotherhood Journals.
The truth is the life.

After each adventure, the records of the occurences will appear here. Details of who was met andbq). p. the troubles that were found. Any legal or binding endictments the Vitaen Gaurdians troop put forth shall also be recorded here and transmitted to Oeya, the Quartermaster General of the Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood.


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