Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

Destruction on the Delta

It is early pre-dawn as Estarria, Shirokon-Ti, and Sakura return from Von’Dahls grotto and find Lord Lucien breaking his fast after a long night’s ritual casting. They learn Immeral is meditating in the Temple dedicated to Correllion; he is not alone, a Fire Sprite, by the name of Soot also mediates in this temple this morning.

Shirokon-Ti is happy to see the baby dragon, Arivale, in good spirits as his playful mood is infectious. The calm atmosphere is shattered by the vibrations of Shiroks’ crystex. He checks his mail and exclaims in a panic and darts towards the door. Arivale launches in Shiroks path and stops him. The dragon bumps his forehead against the Githyanki and Shirok is immediately in a trance state.

The familiar gate energies of Sitara manifest with her head poking in the room and she notifies those present that Shirokon-Ti’s mother, the shipping captain Yara Duot has been attacked and captured in the Frigon Sea, off the coast of the Amberlyn Delta. Shiroks father, the pirate captain Kiron-Ti and his brother the pirate Morok-Ti have attempted a rescue, but It appears as if they have also been taken. Sitara tells Shirok to relax and that “the team will help, and how would you get all the way out to sea by yourself, it’s not like you are THAT fast nor can you walk on water”

Estarria runs off to gather her teammates and awaken those still asleep. Sitara sets up a gate to the most recognizable location that Shirokon-Ti can think of. They gate to his former ship,”The Lionfish”, in the captain’s cabin. They soon discover that the ship is sinking and currently a raging inferno. To the East of their sinking ship is the “HMS Empires Bounty” Captain Yara’s ship, There are the sounds of battle on its eastward decks; the wreckage of another pirate ship is also stranded next to the Bounty on the Coral reef. A panicky Shirok lowers a dinging into the sea as the team gathers to set sail to the Bounty to offer aide and destroy some Umbrari.

Boarding the Western side of the ship, thereby avoiding the notice of the combatants on board, the Guardians find themselves amid chaos. Water weavers are all over the ship and there are three groups of captives in three different areas of the ship and the wreckage against the ship. It is soon discovered how vile the Umbrari are as the Water Archons who appear to be the jailers start slaughtering their captives resulting in a number of deaths for the sailors. Mallory quick uses the protein silk shooters to launch herself up to the first mast above her so that she can have height advantage in the ensuing firefight.
The rest of the team disburses to both the forward and the aft sections of the ship to protect the remaining captives. Moozg becomes aware of another Archon arriving next to the captives on the wrecked ship. This Archon dons the robes and masks of a Matron. He immediate starts to displace her so that she cannot slaughter Captain Yara and her shipmates.

Every time it appears as if the team has dispensed the Weavers and the Archons, they return. The familiarity of the attacks causes the team to realize they need to look for a boulder like the one from the farm. The tridents left behind by the Archons have small stones similar to the axe that was used to destroy that boulder. Shirok tries to break free from battle on the Aft side of the ship, where is brother is being held captive; simultaneously Tiltus attempts to break free from combat too. Mallory is eventually forced to leave her perch and drops through the cargo net to below deck, there she find barrels of crude oil and inflammatory sundries; she decides to rig it to explode. Shirok enters his mother’s cabin to find a rat-like little girl with her hand on a black stone the size of his head. Her response to his presence is to say “ I am he cabin-girl, you can’t be in the captains quarters.” Shirok replies with “My mother doesn’t have a cabin-girl!” and stabs the girl and stone with a stolen trident. The girl shrieks as the stone and trident implode. The water weavers stop appearing. The team focuses on taking out the Archons and Matron Deluge.

Morok-Ti and a fellow pirate jump overboard to escape the impending explosion. Sitara tells everyone through their communication stones to get to a flat, stable area. The deck of the wrecked “Fools Bribe” Captain Kiron-Ti refuses to evacuate, trying to make sure the entire team and remaining crew get off first. Sitara opens a gate from the deck of the “Bribe” everyone escapes through it, Immeral’s last sight as he steps through, is Kiron-Ti diving off the Forward deck as the ship explodes spectacularly.

The team lands on the docks in the resort town of Amberlyn, on the horizon one can see the explosion and the Masts of the burning pirates’ ship. Captain Yara is grateful and gives the group a bag of holding that is the treasure from her missing husbands’ ship. Her eldest son is angered by this and blames Shirok for not forcing their father to flee. Shirok blocks an attack as Morok-Ti is startled to feel the barely contained strength in his little brother’s hands; and feels the steely glare of Shiroks’ anger burn in to him.

The exhausted team is met on the docks by an obvious city guard, who explains that Matron Deluge had just been in town and was visiting a strange collection of women who appear to be dark and dangerous; since a number of people haves disappeared since their arrival. The team agrees to check them out. The guard suggests they go to Lady Ethylia’s Manor, as its yard backs up against the yard of the house the women have taken over. He also implies Lady Ethylia may be able to help them in other matters too……..



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