Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

Mortem Principis - "Death of a Prince"

The party at Lady Ethylia’s manor were provided company by the Lady herself who informed the party of her dealings in the construct of many of the world’s most powerful magical artifacts and is believed to be the constructor of Lucian’s Bahamut’s Bite. She even provided the party with a set of master rings. Sadly their visit was cut short by a notice that was received by Estarria and Malory from Lucian. Shortly there after an elderly man by the name of Gatherwood (who later revealed himself as Lucian in disguised) arrived to collect the party.

After passing through a portal provided by the old man, the party found itself brought to a cave. They were lead inside the cave that Lucian had ordered excavated in the attempt to ascertain the location of Aramis Dumas. Lucian hired a team that went in and excavated the site on a theory that he and Malory had thought of, which revealed the teleportation ring that Aramis used 76 years ago and went missing. The power of the ring had been shifted during the Shattering and the portal has since linked itself to the Shadowfell. The portal being chaotic and unsure if the return trip would be possible, Lucian himself joins the party to provide passage back if the portal to the Shadowfell collapsed behind them.

The portal was nearly unsuccessful if not for the new revelation of Immeral’s heritage. During the portal ritual he inadvertently acted as the anchor for the spell and his connection provided the necessary power to open the portal. With the Ring of Brotherhood to guide it to a location the portal opened for the party to pass through, but it was very unstable and possibly dangerous. With a a friend in need and the strain of keeping the portal open, Lucian ordered the party through where they were violently subjected to the chaos of the portal before being thrown out the other side force-ably. The portal, so taxing on the party, drained them of health and ability (for the exception of Immeral who passed through relatively unharmed).

On the other side of the portal Lucian made use of the Ring of Brotherhood, which upon activating it triggered an intense feedback of pain that Aramis was apparently being subjected to by the hands of his possible captors. Before having to deactivate the ring, to keep from being hindered, Lucian did find a direction to which Aramis could be located. The direction they followed led them to a tower of obsidian stone and glowing red runes. Before entering the tower the party was able to get a mild understanding of the purpose of the runes on the tower. It seems the runes were crafted on this tower to keep a powerful being from resurrecting.

Inside the tower the party was attacked by groups of undead and ghosts that lingered in the tower for countless years. Moozg using a ritual to see into the location found that long ago a spirit attacked the defenders of the tower, goliaths and shadar’kai alike. As the party made its way to the second floor of the tower, the party found an armory containing unique weapons and a chest of even greater uniqueness. On the chest was a sigil that bore the same symbol that Estarria bears as a birthmark and Lucian recognized the same symbol as the one he gave to Lerrisa’s descendants. The chest would only open at her touch and when she did her mind was flooded with memories of Aramis and Lerrisa fighting together in battles. The chest contained Aramis’s gear which the party unanimously gave to Malory. Estarria wished to keep the chest which allowed her to tap into the memories contained in it’s lock. Tiltus agreed to keep in his handy haversack for her.

The party made it’s way to the third floor where, a vast maze of arcane symbols were engraved into the tiles of the entire floor. The puzzles seemed to provide only a minor delay for the party as Moozg cleverly constructed a way to create a portal from the entrance to the exit without having to deal with the puzzle’s trap. Once through the the party made its way to the top of the tower, where an unsettling image awaited.

In the center of the tower at it’s apex, lie the skeleton of a small humanoid. The identity of the skeleton was the confirmed by the Ring of Brotherhood and the Wedding Band that the skeleton wore. The skeleton belonged to that of Aramis Dumas. The party attempted to find ways to disable the magic that appeared to culminate on the peak of the tower. After a bit Estarria fed up with waiting decided to approach the skeleton and examine the arcane shackles that bound the skeleton to the ground. At her approach an arcane circle appeared in the stone and formed a field of energy that prevented any from approaching the bones. At the activation of the ring a spectre appeared before the party, but not before it informed them that it took many years to find a way to shackle the being into place and it fed many many years on the “Prince of Darkness.”

After a well fought fight against the spectre the party managed to defeat it and with it’s defeat the field of energy around the bones was destroyed and the party could access the skeleton. Lucian performed a destroy enchantment ritual upon the shackles to no effect. A memory bound to the wedding ring called out to Neera and upon touching the ring Neera’s mind was flooded with memories of her father and a unique sword technique that could destroy the shackles. Performing the technique aided by her skills as an avenger, destroyed the shackles and the runes that bound the skeleton.

Checking his Ring of Brotherhood once more, Lucian found that the pain that he continued to receive wasn’t coming from the skeleton but from the Ring of Brotherhood itself. Sadly as he reached down to touch the skeleton to remove the ring, the skeleton turned to dust before them and was sent a drift by the winds of the Shadowfell. They weren’t given much time to breath as the tower began to crumble before their feet. Through various forms of transportation the party exited the tower via the top.

The party took a small breather to relax from their ordeals. Before they could speak of a return trip, Lucian was struck by such an intense pain through the Ring of Brotherhood he collapsed where he stood among the party.

…to be continued.



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