Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

Noctum Umbrari Emergent

We last left our team in the Sluice room of the sewer works in Harvest Keeps’ Manor house. Luckily it is apparent that the room had been “sluiced” recently, so the stench was minimal. At the top of the stairs of a landing with an oaken door, the team hears two voices. “I tell you Anan, I am about to tell “His Majesty” where he can dump his privy pot, no lie that!” At that point the door opens and a surprised half-elf female almost dumps a privy pot directly on Shirokon-Ti.
“Oi! What are you lot doing here?” She exclaims. She tells “Anan” get the guard, to which “Anan,” does not respond. Estarria tells her that they are a repair crew and need to speak with the Chancellor of the keep. To which the chambermaid tells them that the true Chancellor is in the “cells.” The “new” Chancellor, Barak, is a mighty shifty fellow and he is in the Grand Hall. “It’s not safe to approach the Hall directly because, them that follow “his Majesty” are a shady and violent lot.” Immeral asks her what about the guard she just called. The chambermaid replies, “Who, Anan? Hers’ deef(spoken like it is spelled) as a post, Aint no guard called for the likes of us.”
Mallory and Neera decide to stay back and guard against attackers following up the pipe system.
The chambermaid informs the group that her name Amell. Amell leads them through the servants’ passageway and along the way Shirok fills casks with oil from the drums that align the walls behind the Grand Halls oil lamps. As they approach the great stained glass windows that look in to the Hall, Tiltus and Moozg become aware of a Drow performing a ritual in the center of the Hall. Inscribed on the floor are arcane patterns venerating Lolth, Tiamat, and Zehir. Tiltus leaps over a banister and plummets in to the Hall; his intention is to distract the Drow from completing his ritual. He was spectacularly successful.
Immeral followed suit to provide back up, as they realize the Drow, Barak, is not truly alone. Draped indolently across the Chancellors seat is a very large female Drow who rises and dons ceremonial robes and a ceremony mask with a symbol dedicated to Lolth. She calls forth her sisters, two more large females draped in ceremony robes. Their masks reflect the deities Tiamat, in Red and Zehir in Green. The Drow, Matron Putrescence engages Tiltus in a powerful struggle. The Zehir advocate, Matron Medusa, also joins Putrescence in jointly attacking an unfaltering Tiltus. Moozg and Estarria stand on the balcony and fire in to the evil crowd; Shirok joins the fray from the other direction, trying to cut off any reinforcements that keep arriving.
Hoards of Kobalds continue arriving from within the keep, deflecting the team from aiding Tiltus and Immeral. Through their communication stones they can hear Mallory and Neera engaging in a battle as well. The three Matrons are successful in summoning Avatars of their chosen gods. Putrescence relies solely on her son, Barak; while Matron Slaad calls forth a young black dragon and Matron Medusa invokes a giant serpent- The Coil of Zehir.
The Pixie healer, Ariana, got a strenuous workout dispensing healing potions and clerical magic trying to keep our heroes alive and fighting. Tiltus, once again, prevented many attackers from focusing on anything but himself. He displayed to the team, repeatedly, his value during a fire fight. Estarria scorched off Barak’s leg, and inadvertently killed the one the team had decided to capture; regardless, the team chose Matron Putrescence as a more appropriate hostage. Over the communication stone, what could only be described as a deluge of water roars in the parties ears. Then they hear the curses of Neera, joined by the giggles of Mallory.
Immeral and Shirok kept the Matrons Slaad and Medusa busy. Moozg and Estarria fought from the height of the balcony, using it to their advantage. They fought off the Dragon from above, while Immeral attacked it from below. Shirok tried to attack in coordination with Tiltus and eventually all the foes were destroyed with the exception of Matron Putrescence. Estarria, in true Blackfire fashion, intimidated the Matron to learn of their organization and goals.
It comes out that the head person of the “Nocturem Umbrari,” one Matron Sanguia Noir, claims to be the “true heir of Inok.” The next incursion is planned to occur in the Amberlyn River Delta off of the Friggon Sea.
Moozg used transformative magic to appear as Barak and infiltrated the dungeons. With Tiltus’ help he wiped out any surviving gaurds and freed the Chancellor and his Secretary, “Illeonus”, a half elf.
It also becomes apparent that the Matrons had booby-trapped all of the grain stores in the city of Harvest Keep. (It is the storage place for the entire Peninsula’s grain harvest.) There are acid bombs about to go off in four different directions, each bomb buried in the grain silos. Lord Lucien arrives as does a drenched Neera and slightly bemused Mallory. Lucien uses his ritual abilities to open gates directly to each bomb.
A combination of Tiltus’ mage hand, Shiroks’ telekinesis and Estarria’s physical prowess, all four bombs were retrieved. In an act of defiance towards Estarria, Matron Petruscence sent up the prayerto Lolth; “Lolth take me now!” An Abysmal gate opens under the Matron, as the gate closes the team hurls the acid bombs in.
Fires that had raged throughout the Great Hall had burnt out and removed all of the spider webs covering the back of the Hall. It is not until later that Lucien discovers that webs had woven a protective spell preventing teleportation in our out of a specific radius. (The city walls in this instance.)
Lucien informs the team that Oeya and the Queen are headed to Spirekeep and offers the team rejuvenation and guest rights at the Keep. They all agree the aged human who was The Chancellor of Harvest Keep and a member of the council of Aeroven, had outlived his usefulness; Lucien offered the overwrought man retirement at his Keep. Illeonus is installed as the new Chancellor. Lucien vows to help the council of Aeroven repopulate itself with worthwhile members.
As the team prepares to leave they are met with an exuberant Arivale who presented Shirok with a large masticated spider’s leg. Shirok volunteered to accompany Estarria and the Albino Teifling Sakura, to the feywild. They leave to visit Von’Dal in her “Grotto.”



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