Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

The Zombie Initiative

The Guardians have left Green Square and ride their lizards west-ward toward Harvest Keep. They receive a message, from Oeya, that informs them that they are meeting a new party member along the way, an investigator named Neera; it is not commonly know that she is Fen’Roths’ daughter. Neera is escorted by the Revenant Drow Vampire, Raziel. She meets up with the team in the farming village of “Brlochts Silo.” Raziel discharges his courier duties by leaving Neera with the group and delivering a letter from her father as well as her ally symbol for the Vitaen Brotherhood.

They are informed by Brlochtlaucht peddler Ms. Won that there are rumors of zombie sightings on the South West road. The newly expanded team headed out to investigate these sightings. They, of course, run in to a hoard of zombies and a Drow necromancer. They engage in a lengthy and tough battle, with Estarria severely injuring the Drow by removing toes and fingers from his right side. Both Tiiltus and Shirokon-TI sustain serious injuries, and Immeral receives a rough beating as well. The battle concludes as Mallory delivers a kill-shot by getting an arrow into the Drows heart; the hoard of zombies then collapse as the Drow is destroyed.

Immeral has sent images, taken with his Crystix tablet, of a 5 headed-dragon tattoo on the Drows’ left hand back to Oeya. He also sent an image of the symbol, similar to Vitaen symbol, that the Drow was wearing back to Oeya. The symbol is of a V with its’ “wings” inverted so it appears as if they are horns. The eight pointed star is underneath the “V” instead of within its’ open “wings.” The symbol itself issues a foreboding presence and is distasteful to touch.

The team returns back to “Brlochts Silo” and uses their rights as Vitaen Guardians to procure lodging and a private dining room at Ms. Won’s Comfy Stay Inn and Tavern. It is there that Shirok reveals the “gift” he received from his father at graduation is actually a warming silk-wrapped dragons egg. The egg has been making noises and occasionally shakes too. The egg shell is black with brown mud-colored swirls patterned on it.



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