Estarria Blackfire


Lerissas’ family tree: Obsidians’ branch.

Obsidian grew to maturity under the apprenticeship of Von’dal. He left the Fey-Wild at sixteen having learned much from his teacher. He met his mother during her time as a guardian for Ollos the great Oaks’ valley of Treant. There was a fairly large rift and disconnect between Lerissa and Obsidian. They never bonded as parent and child. The time Lerissa spent visiting Obsidian as a child was not remembered by Obsidian.
Ruby and Emerald did develop a strong relationship with Obsidian. They both chose to follow the Warlock pact and according to the amendments made to the pact with Von’dal, which Obsidian initiated, a descendent of Lerissa has the choice to choose Von’dal as their pact provider or to choose another Class. Obsidian had great respect and affection for Von’dal. The pact still specified that the first-born of each generation would serve an apprenticeship with Von’dal, learning as much of her Fey Arcana as they could.
Obsidian had 3 children. Ebon, first born, died during her apprenticeship by attempting to infiltrate and destroy a demon guild. This happened to Von’dal’s horror and is the first indication of her genuine affection for Lerissas’ descendants.
Draka, the second born, lived her life in the Azure delta and earned her living as a ranger; she married a human male named Zyan. They had one child, Ezdrak, and she was a warlock, choosing to be connected to Von’dal. Ezdrak spent a significant amount of time visiting the Winter Court in the Fey Wild and chose to work closely with her cousin, Galen; who was apprenticed to Von’dal. Ezdrak fell in love with and married an Eladrin named Alontramyraion (Myra). Myra and Ezdrak had one child as well, the firstborn of his generation-Zyandak. Zyandak appeared almost completely human, no tail or horns but only with a slight ruddiness to his skin-tone.
Zyandak proved to be a neuter so thus ended another branch of Obsidians family tree. Obsidians youngest child, Kohl proved to hold the prolific branch of the family. Kohl had the first born, Galen, who was particularly close to Ezdrak and also spent the years after his apprenticeship living in close contact and connection to his aging grandmother Lerissa.
The first born line of apprentices leads from Galen, to Lucien, then Noira, to Nacht. Nacht had one child before being kidnapped and tortured by a Dark pact Eladrin Warlock named Gion. Gion wanted Nacht’s power and wanted to enslave her. Nacht was pregnant with her second child when she was attacked; her first-born Timon was already in apprenticeship to Von’dal. The great Wizard Lucien Spirelord , along with the pre-Dawn War Dragon Sitara rescued newly born Estarria whose mother, Nacht, just died during a particularly nasty and torturous childbirth.
Lucien held Von’dal accountable for Nacht’s death, as Von’dal did herself. This accountability was demonstrated by a much more mutually beneficial relationship between Von’dal and Nachts’ children. Timon enjoys a closer more familial relationship with Von’dal than any of the other apprentices had since Ebon had died.
Estarria was sent to the Summer Court to live in the” Lady Delphinium’s home for the lost.” The Lady Delphinium offered Estarria (Sometimes called Star) a warm home and affection from both herself and her daughter, the Lady Forsythia-Dahlia, Duchess of Terrylhaven. Sytha-dee gave Star her first visit to Ogacihc and Spire-Keep introducing her to Sytha’s much beloved brother Lucien Spirelord, connecting Estarria to her horrific birth.
This trip also sparked within Star the desire to join the Vitaen Brotherhood, since the ideals of justice appealed to Estarria and resonated within her. At the age of 13 Star bid the Fey Court goodbye and traveled to Spire-Keep to train as a Sorcerer earning the distinction of being a gifted student. While training she picked up a feat that connected her to Von’dal that was called Binding Initiate, which Von’dal was very happy to hear about.

Von’dals pact with Estarria is much more involved than it ever was with Lerissa. Von’dal has taken a deep and intimate interest in Estarria’s life. It is time to graduate to the Guardian level of the Brotherhood, and the Ladies Forsythia-Dahlia and Delphinium have arrived to witness the ceremony. Lurking in the crowds if one looks closely they will see a brief appearance of a young looking Fey child with a wide shark-like smile.

Estarria Blackfire

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