Immeral Frostfall


Immeral Frostfall was raised by Lady Delphenium in her orphanage for the lost. He has not talked about his past much. While being raised in the city of Brass he has received some training in the customs and courtly graces of the Eladrin. He worked with Lord Lorthan as an assistant through his studies of Interdimentional extradition laws.

Immeral is a young Eladrin with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. He tends to keep the hood up on his cloak alot. He does carry a radiant longsword with him that has a oddly old looking purplish ivy design on it that he tends to keep hidden. When you see him fight there is sometimes an azuer flame that can be seen with his magic. Immeral is a swordmage/warlock.

In past discussions with him it seems that he has a an intense and what may appere to be an irrational hatred for all deamonkind, some conversations on this subject have even broken his normally calm demeanor. This is a an area that may want to be brought up only when needed.

Immeral Frostfall

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