Malory "Mal" Harkness

Young, bright, archaeologist. Deadly with a bow.


The Decendent – Malory ‘Mal’ Harkness

Malory, or Mal to her friends, is a beautiful young halfling. She grew up kind hearted and polite due to her mother, who was equally so. She did develop a bit of a wild side as she grew up though. This was not helped by the stories she was told as a child. You see, Malory grew up to stories of her Great-great-great-great-great-Grandfather, Aramis Dumas. When she was young her grandfather, Malcolm Shortstride, told her stories that he had heard from his father and grandfather before him. Malory loved these stories and even had requests to hear her favorites when her grandfather would visit. It was the stories of his adventures and travels that led her to take great interest in History.
She studied long and hard and made good use of the schools found throughout the world that would allow a Halfling admittance. She didn’t make it her only study, she knew she wanted to delve the depths of the world rooting out it’s history and bringing truth of the past to light. She knew if she was going to be leaping head first into a myriad of tombs, dungeons, and caves she best have the proper training. She studied trap finding and dismantling, stealth, and survivalist skills. She trained in Archery, but she inherited the family knack for the bow. Suffice it to say she tested out of Archery very fast.
Malory always looked back on adventures of great heroes and caught many a bard’s tale. Her father, Fen’ri Harkness was a talented bard and told her many stories of great adventures. Then as Malory grew into her teens and her intelligence blossomed, she noticed something off about the stories she grew up on.
Where did Aramis go?
When she was around seventeen she began to do an extensive study, collecting as much information from all of her relatives that she could about Aramis. She was certain he stayed energetic and youthful even into his old age and showed no signs of slowing down. He even left to travel after the passing of Rosalee Griffin-Dumas. Occasionally Aramis made contacts with her great-great uncles. But shortly thereafter all contacts and knowledge dropped off. As if he simply ceased to be. She traced the timelines to an event that were the cause of much chaos in the world. Some called it a cataclysm. Lands where up heaved, cities were cast down, even the brilliant jewel that was Aerospire crumbled and fell into the earth.
Mal has made it her mission to find out what happened that fateful day. Many of the world still wonders, but for Malory Harkness it’s matter of family.

Malory "Mal" Harkness

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