Shirokon-Ti Duot

Githyanki Hybrid Swordmage/Psion


Decendant from Amokon-Ti, one of the original Vitaen Mercanaries who started the brotherhood.

Shirokon-Ti is the third child and second male child of Yara and Korin-Ti. Korin and his wife are both Githyanki sailors based in Doverlynn. Yara is the captain of the “Empires’ Bounty”, a cargo vessel; and Korin is the Pirate captain of the “Fools Bribe”. The unlikely couple has declared a truce between themselves. Yara does not report Korins’ activities; Korin does not engage in piracy against the “Empires’ Bounty.” Yara has also extracted an oath from both her husband and her eldest son Morok-Ti; also a pirate, that neither will negligently take another beings life. Shirok spent his formative years either aboard his mothers’ cargo ship or his fathers’ swift schooner. He is home both on land and at sea, at 12 years old he was an accomplished sailor himself.
When Shirok was 12 he begged his parents to allow him to enroll in the Vitaen academy in Ogacihc. This caused a minor fraction within the Ti clan. Morok was vehemently opposed to such a “puritan” path in Shiroks’ life. Yara was extremely proud of Shiroks’ intentions, and his father was secretly proud too; since Korins’ great-great-great grandfather helped found the order.
In Ogacihc, Shirokon-Ti’s instructors found him to be an ideal and superb student. He excelled in diplomacy and the law, earning a distinction of becoming a judge-advocate at an early age. A level of education normal obtained after the rank of Guardian; he attained this distinction while still a fledgling in the Vitaen order. He is an implacable foe and holds a fierce belief in honor and justice.
Conflict continues between Shirok and Morok whenever Shirok visits the “Bribe” because of Shiroks’ ideals in justice. The last few breaks in his training, Shirok has spent only on his mothers’ vessel or in their homestead on the cliffs of Doverlynn; purposely avoiding his elder brother.
Both Yara and Korin; along with daughters Sharia and Kora are coming to Ogacihc to attend Shiroks’ graduation ceremony into the Guardian rank of the Vitaen Brotherhood. Korin is going in his merchant disguise to prevent any overzealous guardians or other Vitaen dignitaries from arresting him. Morok is refusing to attend. Kora-Ti has expressed an interest in joining the Academy herself; much to Morok’s chagrin.

He has named his sword, Skylight.

Shirokon-Ti Duot

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