Pixie Den Haversack

The Tardis entrance to a dimensional location that houses Pixie Clerics.


A handy haversack that includes an additional doorway to a Tardis that is the home of the Pixie Cleric Arianna. Arianna is a memeber of the “Clerics of Lakal” who are pascifist and refuse to strike another creature. The Clerics of Lakal have agreed to reside in the Tardis that are connected to a specific group of Guardians’ Handy Haversacks. Each entrance to the Pixie Den connects to the same Tardis and the Pixie has access to all the material stored within the Den itself. The rest of the Haversack functions within the same parameters as the general Haversack.


For the last 64 years there has been an agreement between the Crown of Sionillica and the Clerics of Lakal. The pascifist Clerics will offer healing and reviving powers to Guardian groups; however, they will refuse to engage in battle. Each Pixie wears a communication stone so he or she will remain in contact with the group. As each member calls for aid, the Pixie will exit the Tardis Den and perform the necessary actions via potions, powers and rituals.

Pixie Den Haversack

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