Lucian's Dome of Silence (Spirekeep)

Lucian’s dome of silence
At the top of a domed tower in Spirekeep is Lucian’s dome of silence. The room is circular with a stone floor and domed ceiling with a skylight.

Upon the floor, forming a ring that follows the walls of the room, are polished stone inlays depicted various images with a panel. The images are:

  • A glowing lyre surrounded by musical notes
  • A magical great axe with a snow capped mountain in the background
  • A crown of fire
  • A magic bow half in shadow
  • A holy symbol of Pelor, bathed in radiance with the silhouette of gossamer wings
  • A magic long sword and mask
  • A wind swept sky with a bolt of lightning striking
  • An amethyst amulet resting on the cover of a great tome
  • A pearl with a shard of ruby set in it with the shadow of Tiefling horns barely visible behind it
  • A magical war hammer with the shadow of a braided dwarven beard below it
  • A ring of purple flames with the image of a golden crown in the middle
  • A platinum war pick, orb and holy symbol of Bahumat

On the opposite side of the room from the door sits a small table with two votive candles lit with mage light that never goes out. Upon approaching the table, one can see two images on the table surface. One is a holy symbol of Pelor painted in gold. The chain of the holy symbol is shattered and two links of the chain appear to be incased in ice. The second image is of a magic sword, a pair of bracers that appear to be made of bark and a gambling token.

The domed ceiling appears as a moonless night sky including the random twinkling of stars.

In the center of the room is a large round table made of polished ebony wood. There are twelve matching chairs that sit at the table.

A 30th level forbiddance ritual has been cast on the room and is now permanent.

Lucian's Dome of Silence (Spirekeep)

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