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The Vitaen Brotherhood

Founding: Post Bisgoth War-Pre Aerospire destruction.
The brotherhood was founded by Captain Ari Omonian during the last years of influence enjoyed by the council of Aeroven. After the Bisgoth wars, Capt. Omonian decided that a stronger, more proactive force was needed to prevent abuses of power by citizens and governments alike. It is unclear what exactly lead her to forming the mercenary troupe, but it became extremely popular and in high demand. At some early point in the existence of the mercenary company Capt. Omonian gained official status from King Vendamar the 2nd to act as his private guard and as providers of the Monarch’s Justice.
168 years later, during the reign of Queen Verinnia “the bold”, The Vitaen Brotherhood is much, much more than a successful mercenary company. The organization is almost a religion, following “The Path of Light” spirituality. Its’ membership has over 1,940 beings; most of whom have some hybrid form of swordmage within their class. All other classes are also included within the brotherhood; however, it is not unusual to find more than one swordmage on a team.
The higher ranked members of the brotherhood wear a cowl and cloak based on the designs of the “Night Cowls” of Aerospire. Most members who are swordmages’ carry Radiant swords; or sunblade swords for the initiates.
Ranking is as follows:
Initiate – “Eyas”
Novice – “Fledgling”
Guardian- The Public and commmon appearance of the order.
King/Queen’s Guard – Private Monarch Guard.
Sentinel of Light – Senior Guardians
Sun Hawk – Captain of a company
Night Cowl – Commander of a unit of companies (reporting to the Monarch)

Salute and greetings:
A member places right fist over his/her heart, bows his/her head and recites “The truth is the life!”
The proper responce mimics the physical movements and recites “Life is the truth”
To which both reply in unision “Vita Vitaen. Long live the Brotherhood” and raise their arms at the elbow, fist next the their face, palm out.

There are squads or teams of the brotherhood spread throughout the region and there are even a couple acting as envoys to other Empires such as the Kalvorian Empire.

Main Page

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