Sionilli Dynasty: The Guardians of the Vitaen Brotherhood

Graduation Day

The newest Vitaen Guardians have graduated at the Vitaen Temple in Ogacihc. Shirokon-Ti Duot, Tiltus (Tilt) Argash, Immeral Frostfall, and Estarria Blackfire are among the 98 who have gratuated this year. The ceremony is attended by Queen Verinia “the bold” and her faithfull friend Malory “Mal” Harkness. After the ceremony, the quartermaster general, Content Not Found: Oeya_ gave out the assignments for the new Guardians. Of all of the traditional assignments; 4-5 Guardians assigned to a “Sentilel of light”; these four were assigned an experimental assignment. Four equals to work collaboratively along with a royal liaison and a “walking encyclopedia” known as Moozg, a newly activated pre-Spire-Fall relic: a warforged Psion, created by the legendary _Content Not Found: Nyx of Aerospire.
p. The after parties of the graduates we celebrated with the Lady Delphenium, Lady Forsythia Dalia and the parents of Shirokon-Ti, whose father was in disguise. Lady Forysythia Dalia gave her old friend Immeral a golden gift box. The contents and sender were quietly and secrectly noted by Immeral. Arok-Ti, Shiroks’ father secretly(from his wife, especially) a red silk wrapped bundle which Shirok quickly deposited into his newly aquired Handy Haversack. It is soon discover Shirok certainly enjoys his ale, drinking with gusto.
p. The next day the team left Ogacihc on the Harvest road on their newly aquired riding lizards, heading for potential trouble in Harvest Keep. Along the way they stop at mid morning as they are hailed by two farmers’ in midst of a great argument. Farmer Bills’ prized bull had broken in to farmer John’s pasture and impregnated 3 of his cows. During investigative questioning it is discovered that farmer John had wanted to have his cow serviced without paying a stud fee. Farmer Bill was charging an outrageous amount for his Bulls stud service. Moozg spoke telepathicly and soothingly to the children who had gathered to see the commotion. He discovered that the broken and delapidated fence between royal lands and Farmer Johns pasture had been neglected for ages and that Farmer Bill had let his bull graze that land unattended for just as long. The team decided that both farmers were guilty of fraudulent behavior. The punishment was decreed as follows. Each farmer would gain the offspring of one of the cows, while the crown would receive the third. Both farmers were also charged and additional tax to the crown for thier unlawful and negligent behavior. They both were also charged to repair the entire fence structure. Farmer Bill was warned that if he contiued to let his bull graze the royal lands, it also would become royal property.
p. The Guardians continued on their way to a small farming hamlet called Greensquare. They are met by Inn keeper Morda, who informs the Guardians that their stay at Inns with the Guardian symbol displayed is paid for by the crown. She then informs them that there has been invasions of wererats on Thursday nights for the past two months. Today happens to be Thursday. (funny, that) The team follows tracks that lead to a neighboring farm. The tracks end at the rear of a newly constructed barn. There are cow remains behind the barn as well. Malory, finding this an aborhent farming practice notices it immediately. The team starts its investigation of the farm and are met by a 12 year old boy named “Junior”. Junior informs them that his “Ma” is in the cellar and “Pa” is out in the fields. Estarria starts a search inside of the barn while Junior disappears. “Ma” shows up demanding the Guardians leave her property. Tiltus holds an aggressive stance towards her, much to Malory’s delight. The team then see’s junior return from the Sorgum feilds with “Pa” behind him, armed with a bow and hunting arrows. With his weapon drawn, he threatens the Guardians; which illicts Malory to draw on her own magic bow; “Pa” backs down. “Ma” and “Pa” are informed that an investigation is going to occur, no matter their protestations. Both parents are restrained as the team searches for arcane magic along the barns perimeter. They discover remnants of shadow magic as “Junior” returns with his cousin “Jessie”. They start chanting in Abysmal and “Jessie” transforms into a very pregnant wererat. The walls of the barn become portals and the interior of the barn is now overrun with wererats. "Jessie starts dropping ratlings and “Junior” mounts her to make more. The team quickly take out the swarming wererats and destroy “Junior” and “Jessie”.
p. “Ma” and “Pa” were in trance-like states during the incursion. “Ma” was horribly distraught over “Juniors’” death. She is now holding a major grudge against Guardians. It was discovered that “Jessie” was the instigator, using sex to control “Junior” and bringing forth the wererats from the Shadowfell realm. The team must be ever vigilant against other shadowfell incursions.



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