Spire Keep

Foundation: Spire Keep was founded by the Arch-Mage Lucian Sitarasoul one year after “the breaking”. It started as a stronghold and haven for refugees from the cataclysm. As it grew, Lucian knew the remains of Aerovon beneath the lake contain great power and knowledge that could be used for evil. Lucian made it the task of the keep to patrol the lake and keep the powers beneath safe from pillage. Spire Keep grew from a stronghold to a town, to a small city to its current size. The Academy Arcana, the magic school founded by Lucian, is based here and the city has become an important stop on caravan and trade routes.

Important entities
Lucian Sitarasoul, Eladrin Wizard
Sitara of the Pran, daught of Io (Pre-Dawn War Dragon)
Canten, Gnome Illusionist
Sakur, albino Tiefling wizard
Vineleaf Sundapple, pixie wizard
Luella Snowvale, Eladrin wizard, Winterkin Noble
Lazar, Tiefling Warrior
Captain Apollotus, pixie captain of the guard
Lavenia, Grand Duchess of Terrylhaven, Lucian’s grandmother

Acadmey Arcana
Spire Keep Defenders
Warriors of Lazar: This group of warriors is made up of survivors from small towns and villages that were raided by shadowfell creatures. Tieflings and dwarves make up about 50% of the group. The other half is mixed races with a large number of humans , half-elves and elves. They are under the command of General Lazar, a once retired tielfing mercenary. He has been given a in commission in the Spire Keep Defenders. This group engages enemies beyond the keep and caravan flats in the region. They often escort refugees to Spire Keep.
Aerogar Alliance: (legacy of Aerogar)
Vitaen Brotherhood

Pelor (brides of Pelor)
Spirits of Light
Shrine of Burza

City Features
The Eyrie and roost towers
Academy Arcana
The deep forges
Beyond the walls: Caravan Flats
The Market and Psion patrols
Madame Mayhem’s (inn, tavern, restaurant, bakery, and tea emporium)
The Giggling Alchemist

Spire Keep

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